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Hi! My name is Miguel Velazquez, and in case you haven't guessed it, I am "DJ Migs"!

DJ Migs Entertainment began as a simple hobby with modest audio equipment in the privacy of my own home back in 2013. What began as a "hobby turned profession" with no real expectations initially has now grown into a thriving business that continues to grow and gain momentum with every event!

My commitment to music has long been embedded in me since the early years of my youth. I had always aspired to be involved in the music industry in some way, shape or form for as long as I could remember. Whether it was the Junior HS or HS concert band, producing music in the studio or playing in my rock band during the eighties, I have always come full circle back to music somehow despite whatever regular day job I was doing at the time, music has always been my true passion.

"DJaying" or as I like to call it "Event Hosting" is a craft that I have quickly become acclimated to and have grown to love and respect. The dynamics and hard work that goes into it allow me the opportunity to not only make a group of people happy, but also to become a "Rockstar" for the day!

Today I am truly proud of what the DJ Migs Entertainment brand has to offer in its line of services. Combined with a high degree of customer service and providing Disc Jockey services from Binghamton through Syracuse and beyond, DJ Migs Entertainment can provide you with the quality service, sound system and lighting equipment necessary to make your event an absolute hit! For the gear enthusiast, here are some of the brand names of the equipment that you can expect for your event:







Contact DJ Migs Entertainment today so that we could begin planning your event!

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